OnSite & OffSite Shredding Services

We at “Shredders India” provide door to door, Personalized Document Shredding Services with 100% confidentiality.

* Shredders India is having on-site, with mobile shredding truck or off-site shredding facility *

1) Onsite Shredding: Mobile Shredding Truck

We have to maintain records of all our financial transactions for a stipulated period and thereafter, we are allowed to dispose them off. The carrying cost of unwanted documents is a huge loss as it occupies space which is expensive day by day, it also carries cost to protect them from going into wrong hands. If your business maintains customer information or internal documents, you need to protect that sensitive information.

2) Offsite Shredding:

Every establishment generates confidential records (Old financial documents, Projects related, Customer related or Personal). These records need to be preserved for stipulated period. Thereafter they are permitted to dispose them off. Problem is how to dispose off. Here, Shredders India comes into the picture. We provide door to door Shredding Service. This assures you 100% confidentiality.

How It Works

Identity Theft :

Throwing confidential, sensitive documents in the trash puts you at risk for identity theft. Protect yourself and your business from identity theft through Shredders India’s secure paper shredding procedure.

Our mobile shredder can shred in minutes what your standard office shredder would process in hours. It allows your employees to perform other tasks that are far more productive to your business.

Certificate of Destruction :

Why is this important?

A Certificate of Destruction is documented proof that outlines:

1. Important information has been received.

2. Documents were confidentially handled by a professional security technician.

3. Information was completely destroyed.

4. Shredded waste papers have been taken for recycling

The Certificate of Destruction can be used in the event of an audit, for example, to show exactly how and when your documents were destroyed.